5 Reasons Why Event Organisers Badly Need an Event Planner Software

At the height of technology and available online resources, it is a no-brainer why event organisers should use an event planner software or an event management software. Gone are the days when event planners had to use paper-based systems and leave attendees with zero involvement for a certain event. If you are an event planner concerned about updating systems and embracing the latest solutions, here are four reasons why it’s high time for you to invest in an event management software:

1 A business event planner software practically improves the organisation process.

A web-based business event management software is available to anyone who has access to the internet. You can rest assured that you can continually collaborate with your team members even if you don’t regularly meet in person. Through the software, your team will have access to various components in event planning such as attendee management, project management and even budget management.

Many successful event planners would know that team collaboration takes top priority for any event. Without a software, you are unfortunately facing various setbacks in communication. Let’s say you’re still not ready to invest in an event planner software. What tools would you be using? You’d most probably use available online tools such as Gmail and probably free file storage and synchronisation services like Google Drive. While the mentioned solutions may work for small events, imagine having to work with more than 30 team members.

A complex project like an event cannot be simply communicated via email. You would not want your team to succumb to email abuse, for example. This is the bane for many event organisers – receiving emails with 20 to 50 people cc’d in the thread and having to sort through countless exchanges with dozens of participants. By simply using an event planner software, you wouldn’t have to ask people if they read your emails, you can simply tag them in project management platforms and they will be notified through the software itself.

Another product that you may be interested for better organisation is the event registration software.

2 A software for event planner eliminates obsolete paper-based processes.

It would be questionable if you’re still using paper-based processes instead of a software for event planner today. There are some event organisers who keep sporting heavy paper binders with all the necessary documentation for them to manage an event – and this is quite a sight. There’s simply no excuse to not use technology when you’re already using a smartphone in the first place. For keeping all necessary data for a certain event, you can simply use event apps that can help you in different processes such as ticket selling, team collaboration, etc.

An event planner software does not only have benefits for event organisers like you. It is also meant to be enjoyed by the delegates themselves. In terms of event guides, there’s no more need for you to print these out and distribute them to your attendees. This is not only a waste of precious paper; it also generates trash at your venue since many of these leaflets won’t serve any practical purpose at the end of the event.

If you think you have older clients, chances are they’ve mostly caught up with current trends. Some of them may even have Facebook accounts to prove to you that not all old people can’t use smartphones. For your next event, try as much as you can to invest in an event planner software and a functional delegate app that your attendees can simply download to their mobile devices. A specific app that you would also want to know about is the event management app.

3 An event planner software free provides helpful reports and analytics.

The success of your event would depend on your awareness of certain data which can be examined through an event planner software free. One of the most common pitfalls of event planning is when event organisers are not privy to numbers and statistics. Your ability to read data at any stage of event planning is essential for you to improve the quality of your service as well as increase ROI. This is where the role of an event planner software comes in. It allows you to have access to an extensive reporting library that will allow you to appreciate data in terms of expense management, analytics, and change management.

What this essentially means is that you and your team members will be able to work from one place where you can see all the numbers. An expense management tool is very helpful, for instance, to track all event expenses and let you know where you are over or under spending. Furthermore, change management will allow you to see from your dashboard if there have been any changes made to registrations and project details.

Knowing that these tools exist when you’re using an event planner software is important for you to truly reap all the benefits associated with these cloud solutions.

4 An event planner software opens doors for attendee networking.

The traditional way to stimulate networking in events was to host a meet and greet event or gala where drinks are given out for free to guests. Today, this is no longer as effective as it was, especially that event management software can simply facilitate networking matches as well as stimulate horizontal interactions. Through many event mobile apps, an attendee will be able to see who else are coming to the event and network with other people before, during, and after an event.

A lot of delegate mobile apps associated to an event planner software will allow attendees to do functions such as messaging, 1-2-1 matchmaking, and even building online communities. These avenues are very important to the success of your event since many professional conferences are in fact centred on the quality of attendee interaction. These networking opportunities pave the way for many personal goals to be met. If your attendees are attending a business conference, for example, they would want to meet investors and people whom they can partner with. Through an event planner software, they can schedule meetings and set agendas straight from a mobile app.

5 An event planner software can help you to look technology advanced

Could be seen as a relevant factor but attendees want to assist to events that provide them with an amazing experience. This experience could reveal them a new insight about their sector but also a day in which they feel good.

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